Introducing the Fall 2014 Collection!


This seasons’ collection is made up entirely of neck wear. I informally refer to it as my “Little Comforts” collection. Each piece is inspired by the little things in life that have the power to turn your day around. The ideas for all of these came about in a season of a lot of stress, and things like a cup of coffee, a beautiful view from my window, and a low-stress knitting project, was exactly what I needed to keep me from getting discouraged.

Yarn support for these patterns was provided by the lovely Joelle of Wandering Wool. I adored every stitch put into these test knits. The colors and textures were absolutely delightful and the stitch definition in each of her bases was superb. I highly recommend you check out her etsy shop, pick up a few skeins and cast one of these comfort knits. Now is a perfect time to start your gift knitting! And each of these will wow even your most fashion conscious relative on your knitting list. 


Crossing Paths Cowl (Top Left): This cowl uses a unique slip stitch cabling pattern on on a garter stitch background to create a complex geometric appearance and a very squishy and comfortable texture. While the cabling technique is a bit unusual, the pattern is quite rhythmic, and a little addictive as you watch the slip stitch columns zig zag across the fabric. For a new knitter who likes a challenge this a completely doable project. An experienced knitter will be intrigued by the cabling technique used to achieve the geometric design. Yarn is held double throughout, creating a very squishy and comfortable texture to the piece.
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Moments Infinity Scarf (Top Right): This infinity scarf is so fun to knit up. It is comprised of several different two stitch repeats, making it an ideal 2nd/3rd project for the new knitter. It employs many of the stitch techniques used in more advanced patterns, without all the pressure of making a garment that’s going to fit. It’s a great knit for the more experienced knitter if you’re looking for a project that will go quickly, is easy to put down and pick up without losing your place, but still has enough going on to hold your interest. The final product is wonderfully comfortable and warm, and is a versatile and fashionable addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Yarn is held double throughout, giving a delightful squishy texture.
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Old Brown House Infinity Scarf (Bottom Left): This infinity scarf combines simple and complex textures to create an elegant and unique accessory that will add a lot of interest to your wardrobe. New knitters will gain experience following a chart and using increasing and decreasing techniques to achieve a visual effect. Experienced knitters will find the charted instructions have a predictable rhythm to them making them easy to memorize. Yarn is held double throughout, giving a comfortable and hearty texture to the scarf.
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Wafting Cowl (Bottom Right): The slow, even, ever-expanding curves of this stitch pattern are inspired by the steam wafting up from a fresh, hot cup of coffee. This cowl used a combination of increasing techniques, and changing needle sizes to achieve a slightly flared outer edge that drapes fashionably around the shoulders. New knitters will have the opportunity to see how needle size affects gauge and drape and other fabric characteristics. Yarn is held double throughout, creating a very squishy and comfortable texture to the piece.
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… AND they’re in PRINT!


You read that right! You can now purchase quality printed versions of the Fall 2014 Collection online. And the best part is, when you purchase the print version, you get a downloadable PDF as part of the package. We knitters are a highly technical and tactile people, and we never seem to know whether we want our patterns in physical form, conveniently tucked in our project bag, or ready to at a moments notice on our mobile device. Now, for Elegant Economy Knits patterns, you won’t have to choose!
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Hope you find these new patterns inspiring! When you do start working on an Elegant Economy Knits project, head over to Instagram and tag some pics with #EEKnits so we can all “ooh” and “aah” over your marvelous craftsmanship. You really should be on Instagram if you aren’t already. There are some amazing knitters over there and you should totally join us!

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